Wednesday, October 18, 2006

155 Years Ago Today

On October 18th, 1851, Moby Dick was published in London, under the name "The Whale".

As usual, on Google Answers, you can find (among other things), the quirky side of life. Sometimes, it is not the GARs (Researchers) that bring us to the wild-side. It is rather those who ask the questions. Gnossie, for example, wants to know where he can buy "a small quantity of real sperm whale oil".

Why, you may ask?

The question was unfortunately not answered (although an interesting discussion on the comments section has developed). However, Gnossie explains himself in the comments:

I'm just nuts about Moby Dick (read it zillions of times), and thought it would be neat to closely inspect the substance on which everything in that book is based. It is more like shampoo, oil of Olay, mayonnaise, etc. Is it pure white? Translucent? Lumpy? Smelly? Etc.

Just curious.
Cynthia-ga, by the way, provided in the links a link to images of sperm whale oil, which might be helpful to someone, who wants to know more about the stuff.

Moby Dick's own birthday, according to an answer of mine, is on November 14th. And according to a
Bobbie7 answer, Melville is buried in Woodlawn Cemetery in New York.


Martina Navratilova is 50 today! Happy Birthday Martina!

And if you want to give her a present, juggler-ga mentions her as a supporter of First Strike , so a donation might be a good idea, or perhaps, a Dave Matthews CD.

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