Monday, October 23, 2006

Google Answers on the Blogosphere

Memo.ria Blog features one of Pinkfreud's answers:
Who said “Those Who Forget History Are Doomed to Repeat It”?


Read XML blog writes "10 Not-So-Obvious Ways to Promote Your Website" and mentions number 4:
"Become an online expert in your field . Use your expertise to become an expert in your field and promote your Web site for free. Sign up for Yahoo Answers ( or Google Answers ( and answer questions asked by online visitors. You will have the opportunity to write your company’s URL in your profile. This is a great way to gain additional Internet exposure as well."
Frankly, I am not so sure this is such a great advice. Perhaps at Yahoo!, which acts more like a forum than an expert service, and anyone can post practically anything in the "answers". On Google Answers, professionalism rules. Comments perceieved as spamming would be removed , and if you have such great advices, a better idea might be to post an "answer" to the problem on a blog of yours (linking it to the Google Answer question). On a blog, you can write whatever you like and have as many different live rich content links to your business as you'd like. That way, everytime someone would search up for a solution, you'll come up.

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