Thursday, October 19, 2006

Saddam Hussein on Trial

Today is exactly one year since the beginning of the trial of Saddam Hussein before an Iraqi Special Tribunal. However, only Google Answers can answer the question

What is the purview of International Law, particularly as relates to bringing a despotic leader like Saddam Hussein to justice? Stated another way, what were George Bush's options for using International Law to go after Saddam Hussein, rather than resorting to war? What "higher authority" does International law rely on? Is it the U.N., Geneva accord, or other?
Long before Saddam was brought to trial, Easterangel explained the legal mechanisms and considerations regarding this issue.

There are also the details regarding the trial itself after he was captured. Rainbow says in one of her answers, President Bush has spoken of a fair trial to Saddam, done by the Iraqi people. Before the trial (and even now?) Saddam was held in Camp Cropper, reports Cynthia-ga.

However, you can learn a lot about the Iraq War and about Saddam from Google Answers, not only about the trial. Pafalafa-ga, for example, has written a comprehensive review of U.S.-Iraqi relationships; Google Answers also helps with small issues, Pinkfreud did an excellent detective work in finding a camp in Baghdad.

But it was a client who has written a science fiction story based loosely on Saddam's Iraq - see humangoodorevil's comment and story, "2006". Hedgie's answer, by the way, is no less sci-fi.

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