Saturday, November 04, 2006

How Can Google Answers Help Your Business

The most obvious way that Google Answers can help you business is by giving you helpful business advice or conducting business research for you. We are very good at that, and if you must not have the type of information published and sold by market research companies for thousands of dollars, you stand a good chance of getting exactly what you need, saving time and money for your business.

However, Gepby Stream blog has another interesting suggestion on how to use Google Answers to promote your business - in fact, to find an idea, a niche, for a new business. Quite honestly, it is a rather good one - I wish I had thought of that myself. Gepby's idea is to use Google Answers database in order to know what people are looking for in your field, and what kind of answers you (and your site) can address:
Next, look in Google Answers. Type one of your keywords into the search area. What questions are being asked and how much are people willing to pay for answers? If you find a group of keywords with a high number of questions then enter these words in your browser's search engine.
Read full article, "How do I Find a Niche?"

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