Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Do Dogs Sweat?

What a fascinating question begging for an answer - do dogs sweat? And if they do, would there be a market for dog deodorant (well, this wasn't the question, but I think that breath fresheners might be a better idea).

Some curious visitor to UClue has asked this question. Before clicking on "do dogs sweat", try (without googling) guessing the answer - we all probably heard as children that dogs "cool themselves" through their mouths and not sweat. Is it true? Did you get that right after having read Pinkfreud's answer?

To which one of UClue's regulars, Probono, reacted by saying:

What a great Answer!
Even though I have owned several dogs over the
years, I had no previous knowledge on this topic.
However, I was once told
that 'only horses sweat ... gentlemen perspire and ladies glow'.

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