Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Google Answers Statistics

After the untimely demise of Google Answers, there are probably people looking for hard data on the site. They cannot find it on the Google Answers or on any other public Google site, but they can find it on UClue, where researcher DavidSarokin has provided them with some information:
"When was the first question posted to Google Answers?
The very first question posted to Google Answers on April 9, 2002: "
"Approximately how many questions were posted to Google Answers?
Tbis one's tricky. I once estimated, for an article I was writing, 71,000
questions, but I can't recreate that estimate with the current stored
version of the Google Answers site."
"Approximately how many of those were answered?
By adding the "num" parameter to any of the above URLs, it is possible to
display all the questions in the category on a single page. "

The answer, also caused many interesting comments on deleted answers from GA's database and much more. See: Google Answers statistics

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