Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Looking for Games like...

Ever happened to you, that you were looking for a game like one that you liked, a film like the one that fascinated you, or a book - with the same "atmosphere"?

There are some brave attempts to do something like that (IMDB has a recommendation section on the film details page; Amazon recommends book "bought by users who've also bought this book"; and perhaps most importantly, community sites like What Should I read Next are also filling this void). However, you can't really rely on computers to calculate this for you: sometimes you need a person who understands exactly what you need.

This has happened to a user looking for "for games like King's Quest (female-friendly, non-weapon, non-killing, non-scary) that can either be downloaded or played online".

After a brief exchange, researcher bobbie7 found out what the user was looking for. The answer is available here: Games like King's Quest

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