Thursday, November 15, 2007


Today's UClue question is a rather interesting one (and I must admit, one to which I did not know the right answer!): what is the etiquette when eating a piece of sushi? How do you eat a sushi? What do you dip in the soy sauce? From which side? What do you do if the sushi is too large? Do you cut it with a knife? Answers for this, and more, were found by Pinkfreud at Sushi etiquette .

Further Interesting Questions:

* About unique restaurants, among them one where you eat sushi from the body of a woman
* How to tip at a Sushi restaurant
* Where and when is the best sashimi-quality fish sold in LA?
* Hierarcy of Toro Sushi
* Who is the most famous japanese sushi chef? (answered by Hailstorm, who resides in Japan, and can also answer questions about Japan and Japanese issues at UClue)
* What is the difference between different types of Tuna?
* What is, and how to get, imitation crab for sushi? (answered by Crabcakes!)
* How long can refrigirate Sushi?
* Why there are so few Sushi-women?
* How much sashimi would one have to devour in an eating contest to be competitive
* What is the symbol of chefs allowed to prepare Fugo?

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