Sunday, November 04, 2007

What's Up with UClue

I haven't written here since the demise of Google Answers (no reasons to do it. In fact, I thought of cancelling this blog when I noticed that it attracts its fair traffic).

However, I began pipping in UClue, which starts to look like Google Answers' best available alternative. UClue is not clean of many errors - but hey, it is not made by the largest Internet giant, but actually by the very people who made Google Answers to what it was - an excellent research service with lots of funny and interesting moments.

Yesterday, for example, on November 3rd, someone asked, what is the name of a movie with this plot:
"a guy lives in a small village, his life seems to revolve around a cemetary where I think he worked. I think he suffers from insomnia, and alcoholism. The bodys of the recently deceased haunt him. I remember a scene where he kills two women in a fire. the movie ends when he tries to leave town and the road reaches a cliff... it turns out his "world" exists in a snow globe. "

Sounds interesting? Bobbie7 has found the answer (to avoid spoilers for those who want to guess, I don't post it here).

There are other examples, also from the past site, of researchers finding obscure film names according to their equally obscure plots:

"was about a boy in the future. He had a hover board type thing. His mother is taken and killed by the villain who puts his own girlfriend into the body of the boy's mother (this trophy-body hunting is common in this view of the future). The boy goes after the villain, he meets an older well known hero in the galaxy who tells the boy that the boy is HIS hero. People have bionic-type implants and in the bar where the two heros meet, a patron with implants (he is bald and fat and shirtless with a circular implant in his stomach), makes fun of the boy being in the barand for ordering milk. The older hero then forces the bald man to drink the milk...killing him because of his robotic parts. The boy later meets with an old man who has information on the villain, but has been shot (or something) mulitple times by bullets that could explode at any moment. The boy gets the info and the old man explodes. "
(Answer: here)

"First scene a guy dead in the bathtub and his girl friend is crying in the bathroom, the guy’s father came see his son and come inside the bathroom and shocks about his son dead and start crying, suddenly his son open his eyes and cheated and tease his father. After that all three go to that guy’s home, it’s out side of city. In that place his father and grand father is there. The guy and his lover stay with them. Somthing happen to her, she had some anonymous dreams in drugged sate. At last she realizes that she was used by those guys and with the help of her lover planned to escape. But at last only she knows, her lovers mother was in basement of the house for some treatment and they bring her for that (including her lover). At last she was trapped and connected to some machine. And treatment for mother starts and film ends." (Answer: here)

"a little girl who has to live with this mean woman on a farm/estate. There are a few scenes that I really remember - the little girl's dog kept chasing the chickens and killed one so the woman tied a chicken in his collar to teach him a lesson. Also, the little girl had this rabbit stuffed animal she loved but the woman took it away and I think ruined it by washing it. In the end, I think it is the maid who comes back, after she was fired, and "rescues" the girl" (Answer: here)

"The movie was set in a corporate business(maybe advertising)enviroment with mostly all white employees. I believe there is 1 black man on the board and something happens that promotes him to chairman. Once he is promoted to chairman, he starts bringing in all these black radicals, and other black employees--completely transforming the companies culture. the movie sterotyped blacks in terms of their busines ethics and lack of business acumen. The chaimman was also pitching outlandish ideas to clients. And I believe there were orgies and other inappropriate behaviour going on at the company as a result of these new black employees" (Answer: here)

Do you have a film plot, but don't remember the name of the movie? Does it bug you that you remember those obscure details, but not the film? UClue can probably provide answers.

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