Saturday, December 08, 2007

Fishy Questions

Just a couple of posts ago, we dealt with the noble and novel world of Sushi, now we're down to earth again, with JohnFromMelbourne, who used to be a Google Answers regular, investigating some Fish and Chips issues, such as:

1) Is F&C as a family meal still popular in England, ( as it died out somewhat in Australia after the introduction of Mcdonalds etc) although pockets of activity still exist here and appears there will always be some fish and chip shops. Has it largely died down in poularity as in Australia

2) Do such shops over there have sit down areas( as I read) where no such thing facility exists in Australia.

3) What is meant by "scraps" or is it "scats" served with F&C as I heard on radio recently by an Englishman aiming to introduce such into Australia.

4) Has any further evidence come to light since 1971 on pinpointing a date for the coupling of Fish with Chips as a meal. The author says previous claims of a date by Fish Friers Association were good gueses at best.

5) Author says that he traveled the world sampling other countries versions of the English traditional meal and found my country Australia had lousy fish and chips
with the Middle East and western USA having versions closer in quality to the
English. This baffled me as I thought our F&C was teriffic so just how good is English F & C and why??

6) What would a family meal of F & C cost nowdays in England , say 5 pieces of fish and enough chips for a four person family to share

7) Any other little snipets of info on subject that may not have been available in 1971

Indeed, a serious subject (and a serious offence to Australian national pride!). Go and read answerfinder's response.

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